Eric Trump was so zealous when he sat down with the hosts of Fox & Friends this Midterm Election Day morning that they were forced to tamp him down a bit when he began to emulate his father and make wild claims about the Democratic playbook.

“America is winning!” the first son exclaimed, sounding like a fired up Charlie Sheen. “We are winning at everything we do. Our economy is winning, our military is winning, our veterans are winning. We’re winning at jobs, we’re winning with trade, we’re winning at everything right now.”

The Fox News hosts had no fact-checks to provide on those amorphous claims, but when Eric Trump started talking about what the Democrats “stand for,” they had to step in. “What are the Democrats running on right now?” he asked. “They’re running on let’s double everybody’s taxes, they’re running on let’s attack law enforcement, let’s abolish ICE.”

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Author: By (Matt Wilstein)