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It was his last Christmas in the White House following a disappointing landslide defeat to a young upstart Democrat. But instead of sulking or becoming “increasingly isolated,” he decided to invite the man who spent years impersonating him on Saturday Night Live to perform at his annual Christmas party.

The president was George H.W. Bush and the comedian was Dana Carvey.

The crowd in attendance cheered wildly as Carvey made his way to the podium that night in 1992 for what appeared to be an impromptu comedy set. After seamlessly slipping into his Bush impression, Carvey broke character to say, “This is very, very strange. I was staying in the Lincoln Bedroom last night and I couldn’t resist getting on the phone. And I called up the Secret Service as the president: ‘Feel like going jogging tonight… in the nude.’”

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Author: By (Matt Wilstein)