On November 7, 2018, many Americans let out a collective sigh of relief. Finally, the seemingly never-ended campaign season was done (for now!). But for a certain segment of the population, there is no break or respite from the madness. And we’re not just talking about the dozens of ambitious pols already running for president.

Campaign junkies, political nerds, masochists, call them what you will, but these folks can’t get enough of the never-ending horserace and behind-the-scenes maneuvering that runs Washington, D.C. Their appetite for all things politics cannot be satiated. So what then will win over the campaign-obsessed person on your list this holiday season? With 100% of Scouted precincts reporting, we can project that these gifts are sure to deliver high approval ratings.

Need an easy win? Outfit the campaign junkies in your life with some 2020 swag customized for their candidate of choice. Given the crowded field on the left, there are no shortage of options here. You could go with a Beto T, a “Persist” pin or a piece of Kamala art. Liberals without a preferred POTUS candidate yet will love this “All I Want for Christmas Is A New President” sweatshirt or a “Yueltide Landslide” gift box from their favorite progressive pod. Stumped for what to get your friends on the right? Reach across the (online shopping) aisle for some MAGA merch or more generic GOP-inspired garb.

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Author: By Torey Van Oot