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TORONTO, Canada — Last September, as I nursed an orange juice at the bar of the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto while waiting to interview Grace Jones, Jones herself sauntered over and good-naturedly exclaimed: “You need a drink, darling.” She then ordered the bartender to supplement my juice with a shot of vodka. Jones had already befriended a middle-aged Irish woman, who contentedly sat at the bar sipping red wine and schmoozing with the illustrious visitor.

While my interview was scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. (much later than the usual junket one-on-one), Jones relaxed by watching her pal Rafael Nadal win a match at the US Open on the bar’s widescreen TV. When I mentioned in passing that Battle of the Sexes, the Billie Jean King biopic, was screening at the Toronto International Film Festival, she nonchalantly let on that King was a friend.

By the time our formal interview began around 10:30 p.m., I had downed three screwdrivers. However incongruous it might seem, this seemed appropriate preparation for a chat with a woman who, despite being a hard worker, has never forsworn life’s pleasures. “I had a good massage earlier and am good at multitasking,” she boasted. “Come on, you have to enjoy yourself while you’re waiting” began to seem like both an exhortation and a motto, or perhaps a mantra.

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Author: By Richard Porton