Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

A very different Bill Clinton—not the former president, but an 18-year-old Honduran whose full legal name is Bill Clinton Granados-Benitez—was due to appear via video conferencing in immigration court on Tuesday.

As millions of voters were lined up at polling places across the country to cast their ballots in a midterm election that our present president sought to steer by rousing unreasoning fear of illegal immigrants, the younger Bill Clinton was scheduled to have a hearing from the Hudson County jail in northern New Jersey.

But instead of Bill Clinton or one of the other detainees, the screen in the 11th floor courtroom on Varick Street filled with a federal deportation officer named Maldonado. He informed Immigration Judge Mimi Tsankov that two of the jail’s three video links were down.

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Author: By (Michael Daly)