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Right wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos is being buried under a mountain of debt, according to documents published by fellow far-right activist Neil Erikson, who has called him out in a video entitled: “MILO is a TOTAL MONEY HUNGRY SHILL.”

Erikson, an Australian who heads the United Patriots Front, claims he has been “heavily involved” in trying to get Yiannopoulos to Australia and worked to get him funded by Australian Events Management run by brothers Dan and Ben Stiller, only to be taken advantage of. The 2018 Australian tour, which failed despite a successful run in 2017 during which he spoke to Australian parliament and generated crowds of both supporters and protestors to the streets.

“The story is a long story and I want to tell it correctly,” Erikson explains, before a rant about how Gavin McInnes, the leader of the alt-right Proud Boys, is allegedly money hungry, too, and how Yiannopoulos even pawned his wedding ring and maxed out his husband’s credit cards to swindle people.

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Author: By Barbie.Nadeau@thedailybeast.com (Barbie Latza Nadeau)