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A number of interesting facts emerge from the documents filed by special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday in the cases against Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort, but the submissions have one thing in common: both implicate unnamed members of the Trump administration.

In a sentencing memo filed in the case against Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Mueller notes topics about which Cohen has provided information. Mueller states that Cohen provided “relevant and useful information concerning contacts with persons connected to the White House during the 2017-2018 time period.” The document does not identify any of these persons by name. Considering that Mueller’s mandate is to investigate links between Russia and the Trump campaign relating to interference in the 2016 presidential election, this statement is significant. The term “relevant” suggests that the contacts relate to the focus of the investigation, that is, election interference. And the term “useful” implies that the information has advanced the investigation in some meaningful way. 

Mueller’s sentencing memo against Cohen also says that Cohen has provided “useful information concerning certain discrete Russia-related matters core to its investigation that he obtained by virtue of his regular contact with Company executives during the campaign.”  It is clear from the context of the document that “Company” means the Trump Organization. “Core” to Mueller’s investigation, of course, is election interference. 

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Author: By Barbara McQuade