Tom Williams

Early money is like yeast. And, as Robert Mueller’s latest court filing against Michael Flynn demonstrates, so is cooperation.

In the sentencing memo filed against President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, the special counsel emphasized Flynn’s timeliness as an important factor for the court to consider in fashioning his sentence for pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. The currency of criminal investigations is cooperators. And early cooperation enhances the investigation in two important ways.

First, early cooperation leads to more cooperators. When subjects of an investigation see that they can choose to be treated leniently or harshly, many will choose leniency. Cooperation in the form of truthful information that provides substantial assistance in the investigation of others is the only sure way to convince a prosecutor to recommend a reduced sentence. Here, Mueller has asked the judge to impose a sentence of probation on Flynn, the lowest sentence possible.

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Author: By Barbara McQuade