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The expression “But Gorsuch” needs to be updated to “Et tu, Gorsuch?” after Donald Trump’s “first and most important accomplishment” as the White House has put it, sided with the four liberal Supreme Court justices in a decision this week. Adding insult to injury, Gorsuch was the deciding vote in a 5-4 ruling against Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration’s efforts to achieve one of its primary objectives: deporting immigrants who have committed crimes.

Think about that for a moment. Gorsuch, a man Trump has repeatedly praised, even awkwardly in front of him at this year’s State of the Union, ruled against the Trump administration and allowed a man who had committed burglary twice to remain in the United States. Add to that, conservatives have frequently cited Gorsuch as the primary, if not sole, reason to still support Trump despite both his decidedly non-conservative views on certain issues and his bigotry such as defending white supremacists in Charlottesville last August as “fine people.” In fact, “But Gorsuch” became a meme for how those on the right continued to embrace Trump at all costs. This also holds true for some on the religious right who have called Gorsuch’s appointment a “bright star in a dark sky.”

Well, so much for all that. In the decision released Tuesday, Trump’s golden boy Gorsuch joined in the opinion written by liberal Justice Elena Kagan to strike down a provision of the Immigration and Naturalization Act that called for the deportation of any non-citizen, including legal immigrants like defendant James Dimaya, who was twice convicted of burglary under California state law. The four liberal justices, together with the conservative savior Gorsuch, ruled that the law was unconstitutionally vague because it didn’t adequately define what constituted a “crime of violence.” The result is Dimaya remains in the United States.

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Author: By Dean Obeidallah