Holidays as a vegan or vegetarian can sometimes be tough. Although any great holiday recipe can be made without animal products, our families might refuse to make adjustments or, even worse, be openly antagonistic about our decision not to eat animals. If you’re vegan or vegetarian for ethical reasons or one of the 215 million Americans trying to cut back on meat, it can also be emotionally difficult to watch your family celebrate life over a meal that you know was created out of just the opposite.

That said, I’ve found there’s a lot of joy in being a vegan over the holidays, too—nothing makes me feel more prosperous or empowered than knowing “surviving the holidays” doesn’t mean ensuring an animal didn’t. It’s also a great opportunity to share delicious vegan food with friends and family, but you’re going to want to come prepared. Here are my top suggestions for surviving the holidays as a vegan or vegetarian.

Vegan Substitutes That Will Fool Your Family

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Author: By Rachel Krantz