In college, I had back-to-back holiday parties every week of December. With a pep in my step unique only to a buzzed early 20-something, I waltzed in and out of events with ease. But now, this lady has bad knees and a bedtime. If you can stick it out (a burgeoning holiday social life, that is), you’ll find it’s worth every ounce of energy. When else during the year is it basically your moral obligation to imbibe and consume and rejoice with friends and loved ones as much as humanly possible?

The holidays are stressful. There’s no denying it. But there are ways to deal with the ridiculousness of heading back to your hometown, dealing with family (or your in-laws), or traveling, and we want to help. This week, we have The Holiday Survival Guide that will guide you through the things that will help get through the holidays.

Destress Your Travel

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Author: By Marissa Miller