Given how important toothbrushes are for oral hygiene, it’s actually not that surprising how much focus there is on innovating this simple yet essential product. One of the biggest challenges with toothbrushes is keeping them clean, which is sort of ironic. If you’re looking for a powerful toothbrush that actively works to keep itself clean, you need the Pursonic S450 Electric Toothbrush.

One of the Pursonic’s unique features is its built-in UV sanitizer, designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria & germs on the brush heads. That means you’ll need to replace the brush head less often.

If you’re still using a manual toothbrush, it’s time for an upgrade – there’s no way your hand can mimic the Pursonic’s 30,000 strokes per minute. It also has a two-minute timer to ensure that you’re brushing for the optimal amount of time, including vibrations in 30-second internals to remind you to clean different sections of your mouth.

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Author: By (Samantha Winkelman)