Photo by Yan Morvan

Every year, The Daily Beast offices are inundated with thousands of books. Many titles elicit groans and head-scratching over how they could get published. Rare are the ones that make us jealous of the publishing team that came up with a brilliant concept. One of those books is Jan Morvan’s Battlefields published by Abbeville Press, and the newest selection for our Just Booked series (our twice-monthly showcase for coffee-table books that focus on some aspect of travel).

The book is a compilation of the photojournalist’s work over a decade photographing 238 of history’s most important battlefields—covering everything from the Persian Wars to modern day Libya. In total, the book features 430 of his photos. Some show still-scarred fields of conflict, while others are now bucolic pastoral landscapes that bely little of their bloody past.

Battlefields by Yan Morvan. Published by Abbeville Press. (On Amazon for $76.27)

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