All the day’s economic and financial news, as UK bank TSB faces angry customers who are unable to access their accounts

Many TSB customers fear they will fail to make important payments, or go overdrawn, because they can’t access their bank accounts today.

Joanna Walters of Preston is one:

Day 4. Still can’t access my money. Gonna miss my payments. Gonna go over drawn. Can’t put petrol in my car because my money is in my savings account so I can’t move it. @TSB gonna lose so many customers. #tsb

“It’s frustrating times TSB customers this morning, especially those waiting to pay their staff or their bills.

“TSB are not the only bank to have these issues and our banks really need to pull their socks up because this keeps happening again and again. It’s really not good enough when so many customers are being encouraged to bank online.

A TSB spokeswoman has told us that the bank still doesn’t know what’s gone wrong with the IT upgrade. And she did not know how long it would take to fix the problems, which have affected millions of customers….

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Author: Graeme Wearden