I don’t know about you, but 10 years ago I thought mobile satellite internet access would be much cheaper by now.

And faster. And easier. And better. (Much better.)

It didn’t happen. Connecting from a mobile device via satellite carriers is expensive, slow, hard and limited.

Which is surprising. Especially because satellite data is flying high in other realms.

Homes, for example. ViaSat is offering unlimited-data, 100 Mbit/sec. downloads to homes for $150 per month. (That comes with some downsides: That price is for the first three months — it’s $200 per month after that; uploads are only 3 Mbit/sec.; and some customers grumble about various problems with the service. Still, it’s a way to get affordable, fast internet outside of cities. ViasSat is already investing in faster and more widely deployed service.

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