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New York’s famed Dead Rabbit bar is three-stories tall, filled to the brink with photographs, paintings, tchotchkes and bottles of whiskey. It draws you in like a warm hug and is so much more than just another New York cocktail bar. Since its founding in 2013 by Irishmen and now industry legends Jack McGarry and Sean Muldoon, the bar has not only racked up numerous awards, but left a significant impression on cocktail culture in New York and around the world.

Not only has its incredible drinks program fostered some of today’s most well-known bartending talent, but it’s also established itself as the most influential and important Irish bar in the U.S., giving it the pull needed to champion Irish whiskey, which has long taken a backseat to bourbon and Scotch.

Arguably one of Ireland’s greatest exports, single pot still Irish whiskey is now experiencing growth it’s not seen for more than a century. The Dead Rabbit boasts an impressive collection of well over 100 Irish whiskies that beverage director Jillian Vose says helps draw people in and gets them interested in the category. Vose has been slinging drinks and spreading the good word about Irish whiskey for most of the bar’s existence, and also helped shape two iterations of the bar’s award-winning menu. She sat down with us to chat about why single pot still Irish whiskey is important, how it’s making a comeback, and the best ways to drink it. Sláinte!

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Author: By Anna Archibald